What are the costs?

In this pricelist you will find the prices for the recovery of several types of media carriers. The exact price depends on the damage and the chosen period of recovery and will be determined by means of an analysis of the defective media carrier. To request an analysis we've created an easy to use online request form, click here to request a free analysis.

An analysis takes about 1 day and is free, except for an analysis outside office hours and for RAID systems that already have been examined by another lab. In this case we charge an analysis cost of 80 € per disk. This cost can be deducted of the recovery cost when we can/are allowed to proceed with the recovery. Be advised: when we have to deal with media damage, pollution, encryption, an already openend carrier or a forensic investigation, extra costs can be charged.

Private persons, non profit organisations and schools can benefit from a nice discount of 20% on the recovery. Contact us for more information!

Hard disks ≤ 3TB and SSD disksFREE ANALYSIS     
Prices starting from (excl. VAT)
Chosen periodSoftware problemHardware problem
2 weeks€ 199€ 569
1 week€ 249€ 719
48 hours (when possible)€ 299€ 859
24 hours (when possible)€ 429€ 1029
Hard disks > 3TBFREE ANALYSIS     
Price only after analysis
Memory- and USB sticks until 64 GB (*)FREE ANALYSIS     
Chosen periodPrices starting from (excl. VAT)
2 weeks€ 125
1 week€ 150
48 hours (when possible)€ 190
24 hours (when possible)€ 230
(*) For usb-sticks, monolith or flash cards with greater capacity we need to do an analysis to determine the price.
RAID systems
Please contact us for an estimation of the cost.
The analysis of the Raid is free, except when it has already been to another lab. In that case we charge an analysis cost of € 80 per disk.
This cost will be deducted from the recovery price when we can/are allowed to proceed with the recovery.
Mobile & SmartphonesFREE ANALYSIS     
iPhone - Android - Windows - Blackberry - Other phonesStarting from € 400
Other (CD - DVD - Tape, ...)On demand

24 TB to recover

29 April 2015

We received this raid 6 system with 12 disks of 3 TB each.There is 24 TB of data on this raid. It took a while to find the correct parameters, but we succeeded and now all data is being saved (will take a while :-))

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