USB-stick saved


We received the USB-stick.

I would like to thank you to solve my problem completely
and to save me a lot of sweat and especially tears.

Thanks a lot !!

A fan of Pukkelpop

The DVD's have arrived via ........ of the purchasing department.

The recovered data is perfectly allright and to my knowledge nothing is missing.
My daughter is very happy since she got back all her holliday pictures and her movies of Pukkelpop!

Many thanks for the splendid service!

PS: there's a big chance one of these days you'll get a phonecall of a colleague whose hard disk (PC) crashed yesterday. Offcourse I praised you and your company."

Another happy client


Quickly a mail to thank you. I found back everything i hoped to find.
You'll understand i hope to never need your services again, but i'll recommend your services with pleasure to other people who lost their data one way or another.

Thank you for the friendly and efficient service and the unexpected positive result.

A happy photographer


I just would like to thank you for the recovery of the pictures of a wedding which I thought to have lost forever! Also my client was very satisfied of course. If i'll have another problem in the future I'll know where to find you!


A happy fisher

Dear Marc,
I want to thank you sincerely for recovering our pictures. It were pictures from my son on holliday in Spain. Fishing on the Ebro. He had captured a record Catfish (length 2,13 meters) and Carp. With this he got a price from the fishing magazine 'BEET'.

I will surely recomment your company to friends and colleages when they are confronted with corrupt and non-approachable "data".

A happy client

Hi Marc,

the package arrived on Friday.
Thanks a lot; you saved the data.

It was a pleasure to meet someone, who’s doing his best, but I hope my HDD will hold now :), even you’re a fine person, I can recommend to others.

Maybe you can give me a certification, if Seagate is asking me for that.

In anyway, wish you the best.

New possibilities for Hitachi and Seagate Datarecovery

01 July 2016

New tools available thanks to internal research

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